Thursday, February 11, 2016

What New Thing Have You Tried Lately?

Hi folks, Jon Wennstrom here! One of the questions I ask teachers (and myself) throughout the year is "What new thing have you tried lately?".  It might be a new technology in the classroom, it might be a new way to teach a lesson, it might be a new project that has never been tried before. People are often afraid to try new things, because it opens up the chance to fail. That's okay! At Rosedale, we try to view failure as the "First Attempt In Learning". Encourage your child to try new things and take chances. They may not be successful the first time, but with time and effort, they may achieve things they never thought possible. What new thing have you tried lately?

Daddy Daughter Dance! 


Monday, February 15: No School
Tuesday, February 16: No School for Students / Professional Development for Teachers
Wednesday, February 17: Pizza Kits Orders sent home

Tuesday, February 23: 100th Day of School (100 Ties will be on display in the office!)

Wednesday, February 29: Kick off Assembly for March is Reading Month (Pirate theme!)

Thursday, March 3: PTA Meeting in the Library 6:30 pm (Open to all Rosedale families)

Erin Casucci - 4th Grade Teacher
Hello!  I’m Erin Casucci, a fourth grade teacher here at Rosedale.  I’ve been teaching at Rosedale/Johnson for my entire career, and this is my 20th year!  I taught third grade for sixteen years before moving to fourth grade.  I love teaching the older students; they are independent and are able to direct their own learning.  They come to class with tons of prior knowledge and experiences, and are excited to share what they know!  I have been married to my husband, Cass, for fifteen years and we have two awesome kids named Charlie (13) and Will (11).  They are super active, and are tons of fun to be around!  As a family we love to go skiing, travel Up North, go boating and watch movies.  We also have two adorable Goldendoodles, Apollo and Gemini!

My professional goal this year is to incorporate more technology into my classroom.  I’m doing this by using Kahoot! for an interactive online review  for upcoming tests.  I’m using Class Dojo to communicate with parents and to motivate students to have better behavior.  We are using the Google Classroom to complete online assignments, and Google Slides to create and share online presentations.  I’m also allowing the students to bring their own devices to school every day to support our curriculum.  These are difficult changes for me, but the students use the technology effortlessly.  

Five words to describe my classroom are: Engaging, interesting, caring, friendly, and collaborative.

  • Get ready for the last box tops contest of the year! Starting Wednesday, February 17th - Friday, February 26th any student who brings in a box top will get a Buy One Get One FREE Game certificate for ZAP ZONE!  A big thank you to everyone who has already turned in box tops! We have collected almost 8,000 box tops this year which earned our school $800! Our goal was to raise over $1000 and we're almost there! Every box top helps! (Limit one Zap Zone certificate per student) 

DID YOU KNOW that we had nearly 100 girls here for our 4th annual Daddy Daughter Dance? That's 75% of our Rosedale girls. We will be having a mother son event on April 27 at the Zap Zone. It should be a fun event for our Rosedale boys. We are always looking for ways to involve our families with fun events at the school. Great things are happening at Rosedale!