Saturday, March 12, 2016

21st Century Classrooms

Hi folks, Jon Wennstrom here! I often hear many different descriptions of what a 21st Century classroom looks like, but one thing that all descriptions include is technology. Children today are born into a world of technology and are often adept at using it before they walk into their first classroom. If we want our schools to be relevant and hold real-world experiences for our students, then we need to make sure they have access to technology in their learning environment. It's been said that technology can help give the quietest student a voice. I believe that and it's one of the reasons I recently took several teachers to the MACUL conference. We are learning new ways and gaining a better understanding of how we can use technology in meaningful ways in our school. Education will always be about relationships and effective teaching and learning, but technology provides us with additional tools to help enhance those opportunities for our staff and students. At Rosedale we will continue striving to have 21st Century classrooms and learning experiences for all our students!
Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning


Thursday, March 17: 4th Grade Living Wax Museum presentations in the Gym (morning only)
Friday, March 18: PTA Popcorn Sales (50 cents)

Wednesday, March 23: 4th Grade students visit Johnson Upper Elementary for Orientation (morning only)
Thursday, March 24: PTA Popcorn Sales (50 cents)
                                 Pirate Activities in the Gym for March is Reading Month!
Friday, March 25: No School - Spring Break begins!

Monday, April 4: School Resumes
Thursday, April 7: PTA Meeting 6:30 pm 

Alisa Djakovic - Paraprofessional for English Language Learners 
This is my third year in the district. I have my Bachelors in Psychology from Michigan State University, an ELL certification and currently working on my Masters in Clinical Mental Health. I was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and lived in Germany as a war refugee for 5 years. In childhood, my family and I moved to the states and have lived here ever since. Besides English, I speak Bosnian and German. I am a coffee enthusiast and enjoy exercising and long, aimless car rides with no final destination. :) 

My professional goal for the year is to increase reading comprehension and writing structure and fluency, especially with my 3rd and 4th grade students. I am also excited to work closely with new international students to get them better acclimated with the English language and schools in the states! 

Five words to describe my classroom: eclectic, accepting, focused, interesting and challenging

  • PTA popcorn will be on sale at the end of each week this month for 50 cents a bag!
  • Our next meeting will be on Thursday, April 7 at 6:30 pm
  • A Mother-Son Event will be held on Wednesday, March 27 at Zap Zone! 

Did you know that research shows that the more parents are involved with the school and partners with teachers, the more successful their children are? Our teachers use a variety of ways to communicate with parents including email, websites, Class Dojo, phone calls and of course parent conferences. Please be sure to keep in contact with your child's teacher and ask your child what they learn each day. Our families will soon have the opportunity to participate in a course for parents called "Love and Logic". It's a wonderful program for both educators and parents and I highly recommend that you check out the flyer that was emailed. Great things are happening at Rosedale!