Sunday, March 6, 2016

In the shoes of a student

Hi folks, Jon Wennstrom here! This week I had the opportunity to "shadow" a student for the day. I turned in my phone and my keys in the morning and took a seat as a third grade student. I sat on the floor for reading time, used clay in art class, and got to be in a small group as we used iPads to review for a social studies test. By the end of the day, I was exhausted. The experience gave me a new appreciation for all that our students learn and do each day, but it also gave me a renewed appreciation for all our teachers do on a daily basis. We truly have an amazing school with great opportunities for our students. It was nice to spend a day back in the classroom and in the shoes of a student!

Isabelle and her shadow! 


Monday, March 7: Pizza Kits may be picked up between 4:00-6:00 pm
Wednesday, March 9: Parent Information Night for incoming Kindergarten students (adults only) 6:00-7:00 pm
Thursday, March 10: Skate Night at Riverside Arena 6:00-8:00 pm
Friday, March 11: Popcorn on sale for 50 cents

Thursday, March 17: 4th Grade Living Wax Museum
Friday, March 18: Popcorn on sale for 50 cents

Friday, March 25: No School (Spring Break begins)

Rita Hampton - Library Media Specialist (Long-Term Substitute)
I was born and raise in Inkster, located down the road from Rosedale. I graduated from Robichaud High School in Dearborn Heights. I am the oldest of 6 children and all of us have graduated from college. I say that because my father, who is no longer here, would be so proud.  He just wanted us to graduate from high school because he did not. My mom is still living in Inkster at 90 years old.

I graduated from EMU with a undergraduate degree in Secondary Education major in Political Science/Sociology and Military Science. Also from EMU I received my Masters in Popular American Culture with a concentration in American History. After 25 years of teaching I wanted to do something different.  I still wanted to be in the field of education but I wanted to work with teachers and more students.  It was the school librarian suggested to me that I become a Media Specialist. She said you can work with teachers to enhance their lessons and assist students in their research and library skills.  I resisted at first, thinking that all Librarians did was shelve books and said, "shhhh".I attended Wayne State University and graduated with a Masters Degree in Library Information Science.  It was the best 3 years of my learning life, this thing they call "librarianship". I decided that I wanted to do this, Librarian/ Teacher until the end.  I went to another level of becoming a passionate librarian when I took a class called, “Children and Youth Literature”. I was required to read 50 children books and 50 young adult books in one semester. It was then I begin to understanding the artistry of the written word and how to help others find the joy of reading and learning.

My Quote, “The library is a noisy place, different conversations on every shelf come on in and eavesdrop.”

  • Don't forget Popcorn Fridays for March is Reading Month (50 cents a bag)
  • This is the last year for Campbell's Soup label collection (keep bringing them in)
  • A mother-son event will be held on April 27 (More info to come)
Did you know that March is Reading Month? In addition to our school-wide theme of "Treasure a Good Book!" we have many reading activities including assemblies, guest readers, popcorn Fridays and so much more! Although we try to make reading fun all year long, we have an extra special fun time in March! Great things are happening at Rosedale!