Friday, June 10, 2016

Lifelong Learners

Hi folks, Jon Wennstrom here! It's hard to believe, but this is the last week of the school year! We keep reminding the students that just because school is soon to be out, that doesn't mean that learning stops. Help your child continue learning all summer long by taking trips to the library, exploring nature on walks, or talk about geography if you take a family vacation. There are so many opportunities for students to learn even if they are not in a classroom. I hope all our students have lots of learning moments this summer and I look forward to hearing about them when they return in the fall!


Thursday, June 16: Last Day for Students
                               11:40 am "Clap Out" for 4th Grade Students
                               12:10 Dismissal for all Students 


The PTA would like to congratulate the following winners from our Basket Raffle:

Kevin, Srihan, Jaidan, Vashnavi, Shakeira, Jaden, Sawyer, Kaylee, Liz, Max, Addison, Aahan, Rose, Nyla, Eden, Bryce, Cael, Tilmon, Austin, Sophia, Pramoda, Michael, Joey, Victoria, David, Mackenzie, David, James, and Mrs. Bartnick! 

Thank you to all who purchased tickets. We raised $2000 for Technology!!

Did you know that our summer "Habit" is Sharpen the Saw? We talk at Rosedale about the importance of taking care of our mind and body so that we can always do our very best. Some ways to Sharpen the Saw during the summer are to read to broaden our mind and to exercise and enjoy nature to strengthen our body. I hope all of our Rosedale students take the time to Sharpen the Saw this summer. Great things are happening at Rosedale!